1. Letter of Intent explaining why you are seeking a religious oriented degree, your desired area of concentration, and how you intend to complete your education.

2. A 1 page biography outlining your personal background, education, religious experience, experience with Christianity and your salvific experience.

3. A writing sample, 3 pages (double spaced at 12 size font in APA format with 3 references), demonstrating your writing and research capabilities.

4. 2 Letters of Reference from religious or community leaders explaining why you would be a good candidate a religious degree. One letter has to be from a religious leader for consideration.

5. Copy of High School Diploma, GED and any degrees received from regionally accredited institutions. If you are intending on completing a diploma program, a HS degree is required. If you are applying for a masters or higher, transcripts froma regionally acredited institution are required. Other religious education will be considered in the process.  Each case will be evaluated as necessary.

6. Proof of ministerial licensure. If ministerial licensure is not available, show proof of admission in a licensure program, ministerial status in you church or ministry with a letter from your pastor or leader, or agree to get licensed through the Exousia Licensure Program prior to beginning any degree track.

7. All applications require a non-refundable application fee. This fee is designed to only accept serious students.

8. Requirements for specialized diplomas, certification and programs may have added requriments. Refer to the programs for more information. 


BEAD stands for the Biblical Education Accelerated Degree Track.

This program is for indiviuals who meet the following criteria:

1. Have been licensed as a minister for a minimum of ten years with demonstrable proof.

2. 2 letters of reference from religious leaders and pastors.

3. Proof of licensure or ordination

4. 1 page biography

5. High School diploma

6. Transcripts and copies of other degrees granted fron regionally accredited organizations. Degrees for religious institutions will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

7. A Letter of Intent for the degree applying for.

8. A 5 page, APA formated, 3 reference minimumn, double spaced, size 12 font writing sample,  outlining your religious and ministerial history and experience. 

9. Complete a video and interview with a representative from the college.

10. Complete a biblical examination and test of biblical knowledge.

11. Master's degree completion requires submission of a full BEAD packet in addition to a 80 page minimum thesis.

12. Doctoral degree completion requires submission of a full BEAD packet in addition to a 100 page minimum dissertaiton.

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