Exousia Bible college was conceived in 2010 as bible college and seminary that allows for individuals to not only get a bible education, but aim to include texts written by all peoples and ethnicities, including African Americans, Chinese, Latino, Hispanic and Caucasians to name a few. 

     Additionally, many seminaries are sectarian, in that they teach and promote doctrines and teachings that are pertinent to one being successful within a certain reformation or denomination, while leaving out doctrines and texts that may conflict with their beliefs. Exousia Bible College aims to include all texts, doctrines, teachings and perspectives necessary to teach the student not only what to think, but how to think. Theology should aim to teach the individual how to think in conjucntion with the studies of philosophy, metaphysics and the sciences in an attempt to achieve the correct biblical world view and create apt theologians for the Christian faith.

     As a bible college and seminary, Exousia aims not only to teach the individual, but to strengthcn them mentally and spiritually while emphasizing rigorous research and writing skills necessary to produce theologians apt to write, teach and transfer skills to another generation while being apt to teach. This is not the normal seminary as we aim to create students whose biblical prowess is to be wreckoned with. 

     All degrees from this institution are religious in nature and are designed to be used by individuals who intend to use their degree for religious vocational purposes or to augment their biblical education and religious vocations. 

       Exousia Bible College is a school inspired of YHWH and tailored to focus on topics of the spirit without unnecessary topics and insertions of the traditional divinity and theological programs. We focus on the topics at hand, writing, research and communications skills in addition to oratory skills necessary to operate effectively. We aim to teach students how to think while exposing them to academic rigor.

     In addition to the school being inspired and formed by a prophet, the instructors are spirit filled and have been hand picked to provide a spirit filled,  challenging curriculum to the student to stretch the student to experience a new found relationship with the Lord in addition to allowing them to stand out among their peers. 

     If you desite to increase your biblical knowledge and religious vocation, pleas feel free to apply to the college and we will see you on the other side of the journey!


Exousia Bible College. The Future of Theology.